Parish Council


Seaton Ross Parish Council

Chair Jane Henley; 01759 318411

The Parish Council is an elected tier of local government. Elections are held every four years and people who live or work in the Parish are eligible. Councillors do their work voluntarily.

The Chair of the Parish Council is Mrs Jane Henley.

– Role

A Parish Council can undertake an activity only when it is allowed by a specific Act of Parliament. Each Councillor has to agree to the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council and follow the Council’s standing orders and financial regulations. The work of the Council is funded by the Precept which is taken from the East Riding Council tax.

The role of the Parish Council is to improve the quality of life and environment of the village. The Council already supports the Village Hall, the Playing Fields and the Church. It provides benches throughout the village and supports the maintainance of the Parish plot to provide a garden and wildlife area.

All local planning applications come to the Parish Council to be considered for suitability, though the East Yorkshire Local Plan and central government planning rules usually dictate the decisions.

– Further Information

The Council meets approximately every six weeks and the meetings are advertised on the notice board, and the Parish Council website. The minutes will also be on the noticeboard and the website.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the PC.  If they wish to speak briefly on any topic at the beginning of the meeting they should email the clerk giving plenty of notice.  Members of the public are not entitled to speak during the formal meeting.

If you would like further information about the Parish Council or to let us know of anything you would like to see improved in the village please contact Jane Henley (01759 318411) or talk to any of the Councillors.

– Planning applications

For further information about planning applications and to make comments go to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website.

On the Simple Search screen type Seaton Ross into the search box. You will need to limit your search by date or keywords as it will no longer show all the Seaton Ross applications.