St Edmund’s Church

St Edmund’s Parish Church in Seaton Ross is part of the Holme and Seaton Ross Group of Anglican Parishes.

It is a beautiful Georgian Church, which has served the people of Seaton Ross and its surrounding area for centuries. It is very much a village Church, where you can be assured of a warm welcome.

The Rev. Canon Stephen Cope is the Rector of the Holme on Spalding Moor and Seaton Ross Group.

For further information you can always contact the Vicar on 01430 626728, email  him on, or use our contact form.

The church is open every day during daylight hours.

- Services

Thursday, 18th April 2019 - MAUNDY THURSDAY
  • (Old School     08.45     Mattins – said, no sermon)
  • (Old School     18.00     Evensong – said, no sermon)
  • Seaton Ross    19.30     Holy Communion (Last Supper) followed by (optional) Gethsemane Watch until midnight
Friday, 19th April 2019 - GOOD FRIDAY
  • (Old School     10.00     Mattins – said, no sermon)
  • Bursea             14.00     Stations of the Cross
  • (Old School     18.00     Evensong – said, no sermon)
  • Seaton Ross    19.30     Liturgy of the Day
Saturday, 20th April 2019 - HOLY SATURDAY / EASTER EVE
  • HoSM  09.00 Mattins & Ante-Communion
  • (Old School 18.00  Evensong – said, no sermon)
  • Seaton Ross    20.30     Vigil Ceremonies and First Communion of Easter (lasting not much over an hour in total)
Sunday, 21st April 2019 - Easter Day
  • (Old School     07.15     Mattins – said, no sermon)
  • Harswell          08.00     Holy Communion
  • Bursea             09.00     Holy Communion
  • Seaton Ross    09.00     Holy Communion
  • Bielby             09.15     Holy Communion
  • Everingham     09.15     Holy Communion
  • HoSM             10.45     Holy Communion
  • HoSM             13.00     Holy Baptism
  • (Old School 18.00 Evensong – said, no sermon)

Readings on Easter Day: Acts 10:34-43; (1 Corinthians 15:19-26;) and either Luke 24:1-12; or John 20:1-18.

Sunday, 28th April 2019
  • 09:00 Seaton Ross, Stephen Cope
  • 10:45 Harswell, Stephen Cope
  • 10:45 HoSM, Peter Nelson
Tuesday, 30th April 2019 - EASTER TUESDAY
  • 09.40 Morning Prayer – Old School
  • 18.00 Evening Prayer – HoSM
Wednesday, 1st May 2019 - Easter Wednesday
  • 08.45 Morning Prayer – HoSM
  • 09.30 Holy Communion – Old School
  • 14.00 Funeral Service: Jessie Leach – Seaton Ross
  • 18.00 Evening Prayer – Old School
Friday, 3rd May 2019 - EASTER FRIDAY
  • 09.00 Morning Prayer – Everingham
  • 09.30 Holy Communion – Everingham
  • 14.00 Funeral Service: Timothy Kirby – HoSM
Sunday, 5th May 2019 -  Laudes Sunday
  • (Old School      08.15      Mattins – said, no sermon)
  • Seaton Ross      09.00      Holy Communion
  • Harswell           10.45      Holy Communion
  • HoSM              10.45      Holy Communion
  • Bielby              14.00      Holy Baptism
  • (Old School      18.00      Evensong – said, no sermon)

Readings this Sunday: Acts 5:27-32; (Revelation 1:4-8;) John 20:19-end.

- Please pray for...

Please pray for for the sick and suffering, especially Margaret Watts, Ena Carey, Betty Payne, James and Shirley Parsons, Hilary Price, Katie Featherby and Eva Murr; for Jack Beilby, Paul Rumford, Jessie Leach and Timothy Kirby, recently departed; and for those on the anniversary of their deaths.

- Events

Bielby APCM

Wednesday, April 24, 19.30, in church.

Mothers’ Union

Next meeting Tuesday April 30, 14.00, at the Old School (tbc). Speaker: Revd Rodney Nicholson, ‘The Life of Mary Sumner’.

Bible Study

The next meeting is Tuesday April 30, 19.30, at 11 Chestnut Drive, HoSM. We will be finishing St John’s Gospel. All welcome!

Deanery Synod

Wednesday May 1, 19.30, venue to follow. - The meeting on Wednesday May 1 is now cancelled.

Messy Church

At the Methodist Church: Thursday May 9, 15.45 to 17.45. ‘A big birthday!’. Craft activities, celebration and a meal. Children, don’t forget to bring an adult!

 Prayer Group

Restarts! Tuesday May 14, 19.30 to 20.30, at Deepwell Farm, Everingham, and most second Tuesdays afterwards. All welcome!

Jean’s Plant Sale

Sunday May 19, from 14.00, at Corner Cottage, Everingham, in aid of Everingham church.

AFIA caravan

The Mothers Union has a caravan at Filey which offers free breaks to anyone finding it difficult to get away on holiday. Details: Val Featherby

Food bank

Well, not quite. But somewhere to donate food that would otherwise be thrown away, and help those slightly worse off. Serving out of Pocklington and Market Weighton. will tell you more. If you would like to donate, Stephen is collecting at services or at the Vicarage (bag it and drop it off).

Old School bookings

Paul Dorrington currently holds the diary for Old School bookings, so please book all functions through him.

Lifts up the Hill

Paul Dorrington is willing and able to offer/organise these up the hill or anywhere else for any church service or event.

- History of St Edmund's

The Church in Seaton Ross is a brick construction with stone details.  It was built in 1788, to replace an earlier church, and it is dedicated to St Edmund.   St Edmund, a King of East Anglia, was martyred in the 9th century for refusing to renounce Christ after an attack by the Danes.  His death is depicted in the Preston memorial window in the church.

The congregation originally sat in box pews under a plaster ceiling with an ornamented cornice with a Minstrels Gallery at the west end. The original Norman font is in use today as are the eighteenth century pulpit and communion rail.  In 1901 Temple Moore, undertook the restoration of the church, which cost £600. He bricked up the lower part of the nave windows and put a new one in the chancel. The gallery was taken down and the panelling of the box pews was used to make the dado and reading desk and new pews were installed. A reredos with curtains either side was erected in front of the east window.

In 1953 George Pace reorganised the chancel by removing Temple Moore’s reredos and a window, designed by Harry Stammers, was inserted in the unblocked east window.

A sundial, signed “William Watson, 1825” is positioned over the entrance to the church.

We know details of the building  work and renovations carried out due to items located in the church:

Stone table on the Tower:

"H. Nottingham raised the steeple at his charge from this stone,1788".

Memorandum on a board in the Church which displays the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer:

"This Church was rebuilt at the Expence of the Parishioners of Seaton Rofs, and the Chancel by William Haggerston Maxwell Constable Esqre: The same was furnished with a new pulpit and Reading Desk, and properly ornamented by the Minister of the said Parish in the year of our Lord 1789".

More details can be found on our History pages.