Village Hall

Our Village Hall began life as the village school. It is next to the Church in the centre of the village and has an adjacent parking area.

The hall has one large room and one small meeting room, together with a fully equipped kitchen, toilets and free Wi-Fi. It is large enough for parties of up to 80 people yet small enough to be cosy for just a few.

The Hall is a Registered charity (No.523290) and is administered by local volunteers through the Village Hall committee, who also arrange fund raising activities. More helpers are always welcomed.  Contact us if you would like to volunteer.

- Hire of the Hall

The charges for hiring the hall are kept as low as possible to ensure it remains a viable venue for individuals, particularly Seaton Ross residents, to use. The charge from 1st April 2017 is £8 per hour.

For bookings and further information please call Gyl Sampson on 01759 318630, or complete our contact form.

- Funding

Money is raised by bookings for private events such as children’s parties, groups/classes, by a 150 Club lottery with monthly prizes and by fund raising events.

- 150 Club

The 150 Club is the Village Hall’s most important fund raiser and provides almost half of our regular income.

The cost of an annual ticket is £12 and you can buy as many tickets as you like. There is a draw of 4 prizes – 1 of £25, 1 of £20 and 2 of £10 – on the last Saturday of each month.

There is a bonus draw in November with a 1st prize of £100, 2nd £50, and 2 at £20 plus other prizes to equal half the funds collected by the lottery.

This means that the number of tickets sold does not have to be limited so long as the prizes given equal half the total income from the tickets. Much better odds than the national lottery, and for the benefit of the whole village.

Joining is simple. The 150 Club starts in April each year. Contact Anna Sheldon on 01759 318602, by email, or use our contact form for new tickets. For existing tickets to be renewed the volunteer collector for your road will visit before the end of April.