Weekly news sheet

Revd. Canon Stephen Cope’s latest weekly round-up of services and events is now available – (PDF format).

Community Emergency Plan

The latest version of the village’s Community Emergency Plan detailing the relevant preparation, actions and contacts can be viewed via the link below.

Parish council minutes

The minutes for Seaton Ross Parish Council’s November meeting are now available. Seaton Ross Parish Council details>>

Dog Meet and Greet

Details of upcoming Dog Meet and Greets. Meet at Chapel Farm.

November’s Saturday Social

First Aid Training

An action-packed British Heart Foundation course entitled ‘Emergency First Aid in the Community’ will be held in Seaton Ross Village Hall on Thursday November 10, 2016.

Peg Harper talk raises £100

Thank you to all those who came along to the church on Hallowe’en to hear the talk on Peg Harper, the ‘Seaton Ross Witch’.

St Edmund’s Church Christmas Festival

Individuals, families and organisations are invited to create a Christmas ring (eg wreath), any size and in any material, on display in the church for the weekend. Children are invited to make a Christmas card.

Remembrance Tree

In Seaton Ross churchyard from 27 November to the end of December.

Considerate car parking

Please park so that buses can get through the village.