Village Hall Talks

During the autumn/ winter the Village Hall plans to hold a series of talks in which speakers from the village who have a specialist skill/interest/experience, share their knowledge. There will be no charge for entry.
Our thanks to Dr Sharon Croskin who began the series with a stimulating and very interesting talk on TRAUMA – the body keeps the score.
Our thanks also to Simon Thompson, dog handler and canine first aid trainer, who gave a talk on DOG FIRST AID, which was very informative and thoroughly enjoyed.
On Tuesday 21st January at 7.30pm, Dr Peter Williams will tell us about A YEAR IN A WOODLAND GARDEN.
– Peter & Julie Williams’ large woodland garden has acid loving plants including rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias and other interesting shrubs. Spring bulbs including trilliums, flowering trees and shade tolerant herbaceous perennials. The well-stocked glasshouse and large polytunnel have a wide range of plants propagated from seeds, cuttings and grafting. The meadow area and woodland is home to owls, goldcrests and sparrow hawks.
– No charge. Drink and biscuits available for a donation.
Also look out for:
COMMUNITY CHOIR WORKSHOP  –  Buffy Breakwell – February 18th at 7.30pm
A chance to discover the benefits and joys of singing. For those who say: ‘Can’t sing, won’t sing.’ Come along, join in, have fun and prove yourself wrong!
THE CLIMATE EMERGENCY  –  David Raffaelli – March 18th at 7.30pm
A look at the new and developing evidence on climate change and the potential ways to lessen its effects, including imaginative engineering schemes, tree planting and wilding the landscape.
If you would like to give a talk or can recommend a topic or speaker please contact Jane Henley on 01759 318411.