150 Club

150 CLUB April 2020 to March 2021 

The current lock down  because of Corona Virus has halted the collection of money for this year’s  draws.  We have completed collection for Church End  and for about half of South End/Mains Lane.  It is no longer possible to do North End/ West End (collector Anna Sheldon), Mill Lane (Hazel Rhodes), and the  rest of South End/Mains Lane (Margaret Hunt).

As a result of this we have decided to run a ‘virtual  150 Club’ until we can complete the collection.  It will be as follows:

  • we will assume everyone wishes to re-join, unless we have positive information they are leaving
  • Draws will begin on the last Saturday in April as usual, results published on notice boards but prize money will not be paid until we have been able to complete the collection
  • anyone wishing to pay cash or cheque now may do so by posting it through their collector’s door. (Please remember to say who it is from!)
  • anyone wishing to pay by bank transfer please email their collector who will email send an invoice with instructions on how to pay, contact Anna Sheldon  aa.sheldon@hotmail.co.uk  318602, or 07757797633 (signal permitting), Hazel Rhodes hazel.rhodes25@gmail.com, or use the contact form on this website.

Thank you very much

The 150 CLUB

The 150 Club is an important fund raiser for the Village Hall. It means that anyone can support this important village facility even if they don’t immediately need it, plus having at least 48 chances of winning a prize over a year. Much better odds than the national lottery, and for the benefit of the whole village as anyone can hire the village hall.
There are 11 monthly draws of 4 PRIZES- 1 of £25, 1 of £20 and 2 of £10. There is a bonus draw in November with a 1st prize of £100, 2nd £50, and 2 at £20 plus other prizes, so that the prizes for the whole year equal half the funds collected by the 150 Club, which is the legal requirement.  The annual cost for one ticket is only £12, two tickets double your chances of winning.
Joining is simple. The 150 Club starts in April each year. Contact Anna Sheldon on 01759 318602, by email aa.sheldon@hotmail.co.uk, or use our contact form for new tickets. For existing tickets to be renewed the volunteer collector for your road will visit before the end of April.
The volunteer collector for your road will call to answer any questions and collect subs from the end of February.  If you wish to pay by electronic bank transfer instead of cash or cheque please request bank details and the reference needed from your collector or contact Anna.