Seaton Ross Parish Council Precept

Seaton Ross sign

The work done by the parish council in the village is funded by a precept collected with the East Riding council tax.

For the last four years this has given us a total of £3700 to do Parish Council work.

The money is used to pay our clerk and insurance, hold meetings, responding to planning, transport and other matters, give grants to village organisations, carry out tree work, provide benches and maintain the village garden, etc.

All the councillors do their work voluntarily.  The precept has not been increased for four years.

From July 2015 onwards we have to adopt the Transparency Code, introduced by central government, which means that all our information about meetings, spending, costs, etc have to appear on a Parish Council website.

We have always put our agendas and minutes on the village website but are now told we have to have a separate council website, which will involve our Clerk in more work.

We are in the process of setting this up and have received a grant to help with the costs but the grant will not cover it all and is not recurrent.

We have therefore increased the precept by 10% so we will have £4070 to provide our services.  This is an increase of roughly £1.50 per household.

Please let us know if you have ideas about what else we could do for the village.  Our new Parish Clerk is Jane Stewart,