Seaton Ross Playing Fields – Help needed

Update: Note change of AGM location…

About the Playing Fields…

Seaton Ross Playing Fields could be closed.

Seaton Ross Playing Fields has been open for 30 years as a place where children and and adults can go to have some fun.

There is the play equipment at the front and the field for games at the back. Last year saw new equipment installed thanks to the Kavli Trust grant and the Playing Fields used some of it’s reserves to buy and install new goal posts along with having the field professionally cut.

It’s been good to see more people using the Playing Fields since the improvements have been made.

The Playing fields is the only community owned open space in the village and in 2014 hosted the first Seaton Ross Fest, an event that was enjoyed by many, which is planned to be repeated in 2016.

The Playing Fields is a registered charity, and has to raise enough funds each year to pay for maintenance and insurance (£1800 per year). Apart from a small grant from the parish council, this is all done through donations and fund raising events, such as the Fireworks Display, Comedy, Casino and Quiz nights.

The Committee & Friends

The Playing Fields Committee is a small group of people from the village who give their time for free and arrange the activities needed to raise money along with organising insurance, arranging inspections and complying with the appropriate regulations.

A larger group of Friends of the Playing Fields help the committee by helping with small scale maintenance, to prepare events or by attending our fund raisers.

How you can help…

We all want the Playing Fields to remain open for all to enjoy.

You will have noticed that Melbourne Playing Fields equipment is closed as they don’t have enough help to stay open, as shown in the background.

To keep our playing field open we need your time and help either as a Friend to attend events or as a committee member to help organise things. This year at least two long-standing committee members, including the chairman, are standing down due to other commitments and replacements are needed.

If you feel you can help in any way then please contact us at, or or Phone 01759 458193.

Alternatively please join us at our AGM at 8pm on the 3rd February 2016 in the Melbourne Arms.
Seaton Ross Playing Fields Association Regd Charity No 513185