The Problem of Dog Fouling in Seaton Ross

Dog fouling is the most offensive type of litter on our streets and it is consistently raised as a public concern.

The Parish Council has had bins installed near the Village Hall and near the village plot to help combat the problem of dog fouling by providing places where owners can dispose of waste.

Dog fouling is not only unpleasant it is dangerous. The biggest threat to public health from dog excrement is toxocariasis, which most commonly affects children between 18 months and 5 years.

What You Can do About it

Local laws in the East Riding make it an offence not to clear up after your dog has fouled on any land in the open air which is accessible to the public.

If you want to report dog fouling, and you know the offender or when the fouling is happening, the dog warden team can investigate this.

You can report dog fouling online on the ERYC website or by calling ERYC on 01482 396301 with the details of your complaint and somebody will be able to give you further advice.

Whose responsibility is it to clear away dog fouling?

It is the responsibility of the dog owner or the person in charge of the dog to clear up any dog foul left by their dog.

If you fail to clean up after your dog you can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice, or if the case goes to court a fine of up to £1,000.

The regulations state specifically, that being unaware that the dog has fouled, or not having a suitable means of removing the faeces is not a reasonable excuse for failing to clean up after your dog.

Please help keep our streets clean of this menace – Clean up after your dog.