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Spaldington Common Wind Farm appeal declared invalid

Spaldington Parish Council submitted detailed information to the Planning Inspectorate which showed that the original applicant was Volkswind UK Ltd and the appellant Joe Brown (now no longer a director of Volkswind UK Ltd) had no right to make the appeal in his own name.

As a result, the Planning Inspectorate has thrown out the Spaldington Common wind farm appeal as invalid.

Spaldington Airfield wind farm – turbines

Spaldington Parish Council submitted detailed information to East Riding of Yorkshire Council showing that the increase in rotor diameter from 92m to 99.8m proposed by Falck Renewables was outside of the consented planning permission and breached the EIA Regulations.

We understand that as a result of this, and due to the large number of objections from local residents, the case officer at ERYC has recommended that the increase in blade length should be refused. However the decision has still not been signed off by the ERYC legal team.

RWE River Valley Wind Farm Appeal

As a result of our MP David Davis’s support, the Secretary of State Eric Pickles MP has agreed to Spaldington Parish Council’s request and recovered the decision for the RWE Npower Renewables River Valley wind farm Appeal.

The Public Inquiry will be held in Goole Council Chamber starting on 7 May, probably sitting on 7, 8, 9 and 13, 14, 15, 16 May. Following this, the Planning Inspector will produce a report for the Secretary of State who then makes the final decision.

It was Eric Pickles MP who announced last summer that more weight should be given to cumulative impact (numbers of turbines already in the area), flat landscapes (eg Howdenshire), impact on setting of heritage assets (eg Howden Minster, particularly the view from the M62 Ouse Bridge) and the opinions of local people.

Spaldington Parish Council, the advocate and expert witnesses who we are employing to present a professional case at the Inquiry are optimistic that the cumulative impact created by the large number of wind farms and turbines in this area will be considered unacceptable, and that the appeal will be dismissed. This should then provide a very strong deterrent to applications for any more wind farms here in future.

We have made good progress with fund raising, and with pledges and donations to date, need just another £5,000 to reach our target. Please help defend our countryside.

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