Wind turbine application – updated

An application to erect a wind turbine on a farm within the village has been submitted for planning consent.

A meeting took place of approximately 40 villagers on Monday 30th September in the Village Hall to discuss the proposal. The minutes from the meeting can be read online.

Update: A further meeting took place on Monday 14th October. The minutes from this meeting are now available.

Second update: The wind turbine application will be discussed at the parish council’s planning meeting on November 22.

Third update: On 3 December, the application (13/02311) went before the Western Area Planning Sub-Committee. On the recommendation of the planning officers, it was refused planning permission by the Committee.

One thought on “Wind turbine application – updated

  1. Wendy Baxter says:

    I cannot for the life of me see why all this fuss is being made.

    The goat farm and Mr Hunt’s turbines have blended into the countryside, with no noise or disturbance to the village.

    It amazes me to think people can be stupid enough to believe that property prices will drop because of them. Prices would be dropping all over the countryside if this were true, and Seaton Ross seems to have been selling well this year.

    I have lived in Seaton Ross for over 30 years and my husband has lived here for 50 years of his 72 years of life, and are pleased that some villagers are doing their share for the future generations

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