River Valley Wind Farm

The ‘River Valley Wind Farm’ was refused planning permission by ERYC in August but it is going to an appeal.

This means that an Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate at Bristol will now decide what is best for our rural landscape unless local people have their say.

The proposal is 6 turbines 128m to tip, to the south of Seaton Ross just across the A163. They will be visible from our parish. Our Parish Council opposed them.

For comparison Sancton turbines are 100m to tip and the turbine to the south east of Seaton Ross at Spen Farm is 78m to tip.

If passed it is possible that it will encourage further applications up the Foulness valley closer to Foggathorpe and Seaton Ross as happened at Sancton (Sober Hill and Sancton) and Goole (Goole Fields 1 & 2)

To express an opinion on this appeal:

• Go to planningportal.gov.uk/planning/appeals

• Search for an appeal and enter case reference 2207817

• There will be an option to ‘comment on this case’ online.

• Deadline 31 December 2013

If you need further information please ring 319127

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