River Valley wind farm meeting

Spaldington Parish Council asks for help to fight the appeal…

Spaldington Parish Council has decided that the only way to stop this area being swamped by any more wind farms is to defend the case themselves, playing a full role at the Public Inquiry with a professional team of a barrister and expert witnesses.

To do this they need to raise around £50,000.

They are asking for help: Please send pledges to spaldington.pc@btinternet.com Please make cheques payable to Spaldington Parish Council and send to: Spaldington Parish Council, OakTree Farm, Spaldington, Goole, DN14 7NQ

Seaton Ross Parish Council is holding an open meeting on Tuesday 14th January 2014 at 7.30pm in the village hall when representatives from Spaldington Parish Council will be available to answer your questions.

Should the village of Seaton Ross support Spaldington out of its precept and/or leave it to individuals to make voluntary contributions? Come to the meeting and have your say.

Spaldington Parish Council says:

“There are already 42 turbines taller than 50m operating or consented within 6 miles, and another 10 in planning. This area is already more than doing ”its bit” for renewable energy. There are over 160 turbines operating or consented within 15 miles. Surely the time has come to say “Enough is enough”

“If we can put a sufficiently good case before the Planning Inspector such that he agrees that there are already too many wind turbines in this area, not only could it stop RWE’s River Valley Wind Farm, but it should provide a very strong deterrent to other wind farm developers submitting applications for any more wind farms here in future.

“If we do not put up a robust fight at the Public Inquiry we would be giving RWE a green light so that they may well return with another planning application for yet more turbines further upstream in the Foulness Valley, closer to Seaton Ross and HOSM, a pattern seen at Goole Fields where approval of RWE’s Goole Fields 1 wind farm was swiftly followed by their application for Goole Fields 2.”

For more information contact Wendy McKay, Clerk to Spaldington Parish Council on 01430 432475 or email spaldington.pc@btinternet.com

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